Becki is a NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre PhD student at King’s College London (Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience) and Enrichment student at the Alan Turing Institute. As well as open science and health care, she is passionate about sport, animals, and improving the wellbeing of others.

Her current work looks at biological markers and risk factors of early dementia, and she is supervised by Dr Petroula Proitsi and Professor Marcus Richards. She is particularly interested in biological risk factors of dementia, with a focus on causal inference.

Becki’s academic career began in the field of biological sciences (BSc & MSc, University of Bristol). Following this, she worked for the NIHR Clinical Research Network as a Clinical Research Assistant before being promoted to the role of Research Officer. Keen to learn more about statistical applications to mental health, she moved to London to undertake an MSc at the SGDP Centre, King’s College London; this lead to her PhD today, where she looks at links between blood metabolites and brain ageing, and dementia 💻 🧠. With a passion for data science methods and public health, Becki began the Turing Enrichment Scheme in Dec 2020 to broaden her perspectives in this field.

Becki regularly teaches for BSc and MSc courses, and leads the Big Data in Python Skill for BSc Psychology.

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Becki works with a fabulous team in the Proitsi Lab 🧠. Please find their details below:

Dr Petroula Proitsi - Alzheimer’s Research UK Senior Fellow & DEMON Network Biomarkers Working Group Lead, @petrouliet

Jodie Lord - PhD Student - Multiomic predictors of Alzheimer’s Disease, @JodieLord5

Lachlan Gilchrist - PhD Student - Investigating the presence of shared genetic and pathophysiological mechanisms between Major Depressive Disorder and dementia, @lgilchrist1

Dr Jin Xu - Post Doc - Metabolomic/lipidomic markers of Alzheimer’s Disease, @JinXu2012